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First kilometers in the first republic: Škoda cars in the service of the Czechoslovak army 2018/06

A car like a golden brick. Is it worth investing in classics? 2018/04

The white color of cars has been the most popular worldwide for the seventh consecutive year 2018/05

How to keep the car in shape 2017/08

Home automation is not the domain of the rich 2016/02

Autoshow Praha 2016 Czech preview of the car Renault Megane Grandtour 2016/09

Facebook, automatic updates or WatchON reduced stamina smartphone 2016/12

Ford and Jose Cuervo® cooperate in the production of automotive components from agave 2016/07

The new Kia Sportage at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The worldwide premiere. 2015/09

Icons history Skoda exhibition of vintage cars 2015/02

Paris Motor Show 2014: Kia news 2014/10

Ford Kuga: hit the automatic tailgate 2014/02

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Your battery will survive the winter? Tips on how to prolong its life 2013/12

You are buying a second hand car? We will help you! 2013/09

Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid EV world premiere at the Paris Motor Show 2012/06

Ford Fiesta ST at the Geneva Motor Show is first seen in serial form 2012/03

New Kia Picanto - mature and confident small car 2011/03

Long-term test of the magazine 'Auto Bild': SEAT Ibiza 'highly recommended' 2011/09

New hybrid car from General Motors in the U.S. market 2011/01

New results Euro NCAP car safety 2011/09

Artificial Intelligence in Smartphones will make it easier for you to travel and watch your diet 2019/03

TV sales are here. What is DVB-T2 and how to choose the right one? 2019/01

Smart Household Development 2018/09

Do not underestimate the maintenance of the air conditioner, risking the health and durability of th 2018/06

4 Tips to Look Out for in Winter Traffic 2018/12

Mysterious "lines" in the sky? No chemtrails, but ordinary condensation 2018/02

New ŠKODA for China - the first urban SUV sketch 2018/04

Small and pleasure boats with Inland AIS and Inland ECDIS need not 2018/06

dTest: New crash tests with an unpleasant surprise 2018/12

The Mobile Applications ZOH 2018 brings the Olympic Games to the touch of a hand 2018/02

Spring cleaning: Where simply with old appliances and batteries? 2018/05

How to Select a Winter Mix in Washers 2018/01

Elektrosurf comes after electric cars and electric cars 2018/06

Journalists have awarded Hyundai NEXO the prestigious prize 2018/01

Smart City knows 19% of people, combining it with energy savings 2018/04

The batteries of the first mobiles weighed like an eleven-year-old child 2018/02

For children, the recycling of electrical equipment is very unknown. It will help EkoEDA. 2018/02

ECall should reduce accident victims by 4% 2018/04

Why do smartphone batteries explode and how to prevent it? 2018/03

Summer tires: pleasantly surprised by those cheaper 2018/03

Hyundai is the first to offer a compact SUV with electric drive 2018/02

Keep the gear and tools away from the cold. The battery does not need to wake up 2018/02

Škoda Fabia R5 in action. Kopecký will take the fourth title of Czech champions in a row 2018/03

Extreme temperatures do not indicate batteries 2017/02

The curious cases of car theft 2017/02

When considering chiptuning your car ... 2017/09

Seven new crashtests - Škoda Karoq was successful 2017/11

Changing the winter tires is not worthwhile 2017/10

Tightened mobile battery crash tests 2017/11

Big chill freezes and diesel. What tanked to start without trouble? 2017/01

Processing used batteries is science, but it pays off 2017/10

How to clean your car interior step by step 2017/05

5 Tips for motorists who want to know what refueled 2017/03

How do you choose to navigate and where to place it properly so you do not get a fine? 2017/08

Very fast charisma: 60 years of the ŠKODA 1100 OHC 2017/12

Beware of miraculous boxes promising to save energy 2017/07

The correct location of gas appliances is key to safety 2017/05

5 Tips to Save on Fuel 2017/09

ŠKODA Rally Monte Carlo reminds legendary triumph 40 years ago 2017/01

A few myths about electromobiles that are no longer valid 2017/05

Fuel quality in the Czech Republic is above average over Europe 2017/06

What you should know before you take off with a dron 2017/07

BESIP explains how it is with foglights 2017/02

New crash tests - Kodiaq has full stars 2017/06

How to prepare your pet sheet for Spring 2017/04

PowerBank choose carefully, sign manufacturers often deceiving 2017/03

The batteries will get in the summer. How to care for them? 2017/06

On a winter vacation in the mountains heading next to tourists and thieves 2017/01

Plastics. From home appliances through cars and aircraft to weapons 2017/07

Hyundai presents in Las Vegas future technology 2017/01

How to properly charge the phone? Beware of outdated myths 2016/08

Safety on snowy roads provide winter tires, not year-round 2016/11

Jaguar luxury cars can park in April arcades Pankrác 2016/03

Trends and Technology 2016: For buggies leading functionality 2016/01

Test summer tires - not rely on labels 2016/02

Notebooks celebrates 35 years of their shorter life span increases the amount of Electro 2016/03

Cult ŠKODA 1000 MBX celebrates jubilee 2016/03

Classical sex are replaced by virtual experiences 2016/10

Against the wind: Milestones in aerodynamics damage may 2016/02

The world runs on Li-ion batteries. But they are perfect? 2016/04

Skoda Motorsport, after eleven years in the World Rally Championship in Sweden 2016/02

How to read labels on vacuum cleaners 2016/09

Battery used by people already BC 2016/02

Aerial photography reveals heat loss, diseased trees and missing traffic signs 2016/04

Under every third Christmas tree was electronics. What a waste? 2016/01

Cyber ​​attacks are becoming more common, hackers sparing businesses or households 2016/11

Bentley: a new model GT Speed ​​and a spectacular version of Black Edition 2016/04

Myths that persist. How is it with night current or sorting waste? 2016/12

Retired electronics in the Czech Republic can not be handed over to all the redeemed 2016/06

Recycling cell phones can save energy and protect animals 2016/06

Counterfeit industrial goods rise. The reasons: low prices and the development of online sales 2016/06

Smartphone, a new trend in travel. What to cell phone on the go watch? 2016/06

New structural elements increases the footprint and save costs 2016/10

You forgot to take a vacation charger? In this country you can handle without it 2016/07

Monitoring of vehicles is increasing, decreasing your costs 2016/05

Skoda Octavia celebrated its twentieth anniversary 2016/09

Ford Mustang drove on one tank of a record 1 249.3 km! 2016/07

Checking tire pressure? Drivers still groping 2015/02

The new Škoda Fabia Combi ScoutLine: Popular combi in offroad style 2015/10

Skoda Fabia R5 - World premiere rally in Czech Republic 2015/04

What you should know before you buy a gas boiler 2015/09

Can feed secondary raw redeem old appliances? 2015/10

Inspiration gifts for fans of modern technology 2015/12

Payment card as a ticket, since the new year and in Brno 2015/01

Euro NCAP: New Škoda Fabia is the safest car in its class 2015/01

New Skoda Superb Combi 2015/05

Natural gas drive: New Audi A4 Avant g-tron 2015/11

FIA gives green light to new Fabia R 5 2015/04

Philips wants developing countries to replace kerosene LEDs powered by the sun 2015/02

Trends from the world of batteries: recharge phone for a minute or flashlight from a 3D printer 2015/08

Rally Bohemia: Two factory crew in Skoda Fabia R5 to start 2015/07

CNG vehicles are already available in most classrooms, sells Skoda, Fiat and Volkswagen 2015/05

CNG in the Czech Republic: truths, myths and actual statistics 2015/08

End of the CD? Audiobooks will soon dominate the electronic formats 2015/04

Crash tests - Škoda Superb has five stars 2015/06

Prices winter tires this year, falling slightly 2015/10

Before long way to check car worth 2015/08

Spring Car Care - as well after a winter treat 2014/03

The new Škoda Fabia R 5 'zebřím "design fascinates on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter 2014/11

Spotlight on 3D printing in medicine 2014/03

For a bag of sweets and a half million crowns: Quaint stealing cars in the Czech Republic 2014/10

The new Octavia Scout: The real adventurer for family and leisure 2014/07

New Skoda Fabia won five stars in the Euro NCAP tests 2014/11

All-wheel drive also for Skoda Octavia liftback 2014/10

Flood world for 3D printing counterfeit toys or objects of art? 2014/03

Accessories that you can sweeten holidays 2014/07

Success! Scientists have been able to block tumor growth 2014/01

CD celebrates 35 years. Unnecessarily to landfill as waste 2014/05

Kia unveiled in Detroit Concept GT4 Stinger rear-wheel drive 2014/01

Škoda Economy Run 2014: Winner Octavia with consumption of 2.95 liters / 100 km 2014/09

ŠKODA continues to CNG-offensive with a new model Octavia G-TEC 2014/06

Youth in 'Skoda' build your dream car: Sport convertible Škoda CitiJet 2014/05

Tighter new ŠKODA Fabia 2014/08

New crash tests in the largest Czech database 2014/09

Octavia G-TEC: From Berlin to Jesolo Italy for € 35.71 2014/08

Kia issue in Geneva the new Soul EV and next generation hybrid 2014/02

Treatment at a distance: the future of medicine, or a bubble? 2014/03

New Audi A7 Sportback headed to our market 2014/08

3 basic advice on how to prepare the camera and camera on vacation 2014/06

Laptops under 10,000 crowns: facts and myths 2014/05

Czech Krumlov Rally this year to spice up the combat vehicles to CNG and electricity 2014/04

Bought a car with a rolled speedometer? What to do? 2014/09

We purchase Laptop Batteries: 6 things to beware 2013/12

SEAT Leon FR 1.8 TSI offers the driver the pleasure of manual gear 2013/05

Can you properly charge the battery? 2013/10

Winter tire test 2013 2013/10

This year's first frost: watch out for discharge and short circuit mobile 2013/11

You are buying a used car? These scams beware 2013/04

5 biggest IT security risks at work from home or in the field 2013/02

In the Czech Republic annually recycles only 5% of discarded mobile phones 2013/08

Do not underestimate the control wheel toe-in to avoid premature replacement of tires 2013/08

Myths and superstitions about boilers and other heat sources 2013/02

You are buying a second-hand computer? Five tips to nenaletět fraudsters 2013/07

The world premiere of the Alfa Romeo 4C 2013/02

The largest 3D printer in the world constructed Czechs 2013/10

5 nonsensical myths about batteries 2013/05

See and be seen 2013/01

Czech Republic is a "washing machine" stolen cars from abroad 2013/11

By car on holiday? Beware of theft! 2013/08

Tires can help you save fuel. Do you know how to do it? 2013/04

5 tips on how to take care of the battery on the go 2013/06

Electrical waste recycling only about a third of Czechs 2013/10

How to prepare tires on the road for holidays 2013/07

New Kia Soul in the European premiere in Frankfurt 2013/08

Behavior and habits of Czech drivers 2013/05

Hybrids and electric cars are dangerous for pedestrians. Because silence 2013/01

Ford USB Music Box: custom music in every car! 2012/01

5 tips on how to arrange a functioning mobile office 2012/11

How to properly defrost the freezer? And when is the right time? 2012/10

SEAT Ibiza attractive quality interior 2012/11

New Kia Optima comes to the Czech market 2012/03

Chevrolet Cruze station wagon is the new favorite for families 2012/06

Ford B-MAX - new urban compact MPV 2012/05

The new Kia cee'd is celebrating its world premiere in Geneva 2012/03

Risks to the tires in the high summer temperatures 2012/08

Ford Kuga is the first car in its class, hands-free operation tailgate 2012/04

Hybrids are becoming at home in the world of luxury cars. Next year will be added Ferrari 2012/06

World premiere of the Chevrolet Cruze Station Wagon 2012/02

SEAT Leon represents a completely new 2012/10

Mitsubishi Motors: facelifted ASX 2012/04

New SUV from Porsche will bear the name Macan 2012/02

Crash tests brought disappointment for the Jeep Compass, Honda Civic convinced 2012/02

Oil is, fortunately there are alternatives 2012/03

Spaniards can place their electric vehicles, refuel 'on solar charging station 2012/01

Manufacturers are beginning to tire label, the information on the labels is not sufficient 2012/06

Barum Rally for the first time good 2012/03

The air conditioning in the future, we will still be pretty hot, the American scientist warns 2012/07

Incandescent bulbs this year ends. Go to a modern lighting 2012/08

New Audi A3 comes in the Czech market 2012/09

Chevrolet Trax ready for the world premiere in Paris 2012/08

Toyota wants to produce hybrids of two years without the use of precious metals 2012/02

Tips for drivers to prepare for winter tires for the season 2012/08

The new Fabia Monte Carlo 2011/01

Renault Latitude - ride first class 2011/03

A revolution in design - the new Kia Rio 2011/01

Accidents due to bad roads is increasing, that takes away most tires 2011/05

As with the old tires? In the U.S., grind the asphalt 2011/04

Perfectly fits: recycled clothes in a brand new Ford Focus 2011/01

New Kia Rio comes to the Czech market 2011/09

Citroen DS4 voted most beautiful car of the year 2011/02

End of shabby doors: Ford is a smart protector 2011/10

Powerful and efficient engine EcoBoost is coming! 2011/06

Noise barriers along the railroad are dangerous 2011/05

'Smart' fishing nets allow small fish to escape too 2011/07

New winter tire test free 2011/09

Dacia Duster No Limit is heading to the most prestigious race to the top 2011/06

By 2013, solar panels cheaper by half 2011/08

Trains in Belgium will propel solar energy 2011/07

Karts future are quiet and emission-free 2011/04

With mobile in nature and under the tent? Do not forget to charge 2011/08

Volkswagen XL1 prototype consumes just 0.9 l/100 km! 2011/02

Volkswagen: Golf Cabriolet at the scene and in the new Tiguan 2011/03

Toyota introduced a new act - Lexus CT200h 2011/05

We'll have mobile phones without batteries? 2011/01

Attractive applications for hockey fans 2011/04

The new SEAT Alhambra four-wheel drive comes on the Czech market 2011/07

Rolls-Royce is preparing a model for environmentally minded millionaire 2011/01

Tesla Roadster won the Monte Carlo Rally alternative 2011/04

New Beetle enters the Czech market with an interesting price 2011/09

Make Facebook ecological, Greenpeace asks 2011/05

Project SEAT in the SUN 2011/02

Hyundai introduced the first visualization of a new generation i30 2011/08

American cars must start saving gasoline, 'ordered' them to President Obama 2011/08

Ford: the trailer safely with other models 2011/08