New hybrid car from General Motors in the U.S. market

Volt is the first American electric car for the mass market and the streets throwing himself at the same time as the electric car based on the hatchback, the Nissan Leaf. Both cars are placed on the U.S. market as a greener alternative to petrol cars and began to be sold in limited quantities in California, Texas, New York, New Jersey and Washington, writes the Guardian.

Chevrolet Volt, first introduced at the Detroit Motor Show four years ago, is considered as an important part of a planned return to the top automakers GM. Customer interest is said to be encouraging. The car has received excellent reviews car magazines and more than 200,000 people have demanded information on the new car at the company's website, reports the Guardian. The Chevrolet Volt also has a small gasoline engine, which serves as a backup in case of long journeys. Volt is not yet available in large numbers, this year gave them to dealers only a few hundred, the year 2011 is scheduled to manufacture 10,000 units. Other candidates are on waiting lists, reports the Guardian.

Volt an electric car travels 35 to 40 miles (about 60 km), then it can continue to gasoline up to a distance of about 380 miles (over 600 km). After connecting the vehicle to the standard U.S. 110V outlet the car is fully charged for 8 hours. Price of the car starts at 41 000 USD (almost 800 000 CZK). The car is relatively expensive, but vendors are only the battery in the car 15 000 USD (about 290 000 CZK). Customers in the U.S. However, because taxes are entitled to a reduction of 7 300 USD (141 500 CZK). Nissan Leaf allegedly traveled on a single charge of about 100 miles (160 km). Its price is less than 33 000 USD (about 640 000 CZK) and the possibility of reducing prices by 7 300 USD also applies to him.

One customer, a former pilot Heffrey Kaffee, remembers the oil crisis in early 1970, when there was a huge frustration from lack of fuel and the gas stations were long queues. Decades later, he bought a Prius last week and changed the brand - decided on Chevrolet Volt. Kaffee remembers how they first met with this car. The car apparently drove a great distance, and yet after driving was still battery still half full. "It was all right," said the Guardian and brings a comparison with rival Nissan: "Leaf is a great car around town, but you can not take it on long trips. "

According to Suzanne Goldenberg article "General Motors launches new electric hybrid car in U.S." published on Server 19 December 2010.

Author: Martin Singr

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