New Kia Picanto - mature and confident small car

Brand-new Kia Picanto, which dismissed its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, is completely revised and thanks to its excellent styling now has ambitions to act more mature and self-confident appearance.

New Picanto has grown compared to previous generations in length and has a longer wheelbase. It promises greater comfort for passengers and more space for their luggage. For the first time it is possible to choose between three-and five-door body.

More style, more body styles options, more space and less air resistance

Bold front with significantly lower grille and dramatically tapered grille gives the car a sporty look conspicuous. Significant side curve back to the profile of the car brings a dynamic tension. Seen from behind, looks new Picanto with a large rear window flanked unique rear lamp graphic and elegantly modern. All this is further supported by effective part of the rear bumper.

The three-door version has an even sportier character. Contrasting elements embedded into the rear bumper gives the impression of a wider, more stable car. Everything is precisely tuned so that the nature of the three-door versions clearly distinguished from the five-door version.

Although it is now a new 3.6 meter long Picanto stylish, remains a highly practical car. Overall length has increased by 60 mm and the wheelbase has been extended by 15 mm. These increases, together with some ingenious solutions mean more interior space for passengers (front foot is about 36 mm more space) and their luggage. Luggage compartment with a volume equal to 200 liters increased by 27%.

Attention to detail exterior design also improved the new Picanto aerodymaniku. Coefficient of drag air is only 0.31 - lower than most cars the A-segment.

Interior comfort with the "big cars"

The sophisticated interior of the new Picanto will offer owners a variety of comfortable and useful elements typical for the "big cars". Many of them in the vehicle in the segment appears for the first time.

The equipment, which will have new Picanto either the highest standard or optional equipment visit at the lower of equipments let us mention for example windscreen with UV filter, automatic air conditioning, electric folding door mirrors, storage space in the passenger seat and on the floor, folding drink holders with soft illumination indicator or gear for economical driving style. Also worth mentioning is bezklíčkové unlocking and starting the car button start / stop, active head restraints, driver knee airbag, heated steering wheel rim, rear parking sensors and stop / start ISG system, which further reduces fuel consumption.

High efficiency motor means excellent fuel economy

New Picanto in Europe will be equipped with a highly efficient Kappa engine, which could be due to a basic level of CO2 emissions reduced to the threshold of 90 g / km and fuel consumption is reduced to a mere 4.1 l/100 km - all provided using start-stop ISG system.

The top offer a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1248 cm3 with 85 hp and a torque of 121 N m will also be offered to customers on two three-cylinder 998 cm3 volume with only burning petrol or LPG and petrol. The first option produces power 69 hp and torque of 95 N m, Powerplant Bi-fuel, delivers 82 hp and a torque of 94 N m

For all versions of the new Picanto will come standard five-speed gearbox directly, four-slot can be ordered as an option to the engine with a capacity of 1.25 ls output of 85 hp.

Higher level of security

The all-new body structure of the new Picanto uses mostly high steel, so the crew in case of impact better protected. Available safety features include up to nine airbags (including a new driver's knee airbag), electronic stability control, a helper for hill starts, and active front seat head restraints prevent hypertension whiplash in rear impacts. To further enhance security, there is also ESS (Emergency Stop Signal).

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